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World Bank - Conflict Analysis Framework (CAF)

Conflict sensitivity

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 Country Brief for Somalia

 Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dymanics - WB/2005

 Transitional Federal Charter

 A RAP in support of reconciliation and peace in somalia: Edited draft 16/08/05

 Somalia : Key Social and Economic indicators

 Somalia: Continuation of War by Other Means? - ICG Africa Report 2004

 Removing Barricades in Somalia Options for Peace and Rehabilitation – H. Adam, R. Ford, A. Jimale, A. Osman, N. Weheliye, D. Smock/ A.I.P 1998 

 Somalia Dialogue for Peace: Working Notes – APD 2004

 Living with statelessness: the Somali road to development - Mark Bradbury/ I.P.I 2003

 Dialogue for Peace “Wada-Tashiga Nabadda” - WSP,CRD,PDRC 2004-2006

 The heritage of war and state collapse in Somalia and Somaliland: local-level effects, external Interventions and reconstruction - I. AHMED & R. H. GREEN/I.D.S 1999

 Somalia and Somaliland: Envisioning a Dialogue on the Question of Somali Unit - Matt Bryden/ ICG 2004

 Ecological Sources of Conflict - Policy Research on the Ecological Sources of Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa - I. Farah, A. Hussein, J. Lind/ACTS

 Countering Terrorism in a Failed State – ICG 2002

 Salvaging Somalia’s Chance for Peace - ICG 2002

 Counter-Terrorism in Somalia: Losing Hearts and Minds? – ICG 2005

 Prospects for Al Itihad and Islamist radicalism in Somalia – Andre Le Sage

 Kenya-Somalia Border Conflict Analysis - Dr. Ken Menkhaus /USAID 2005

 Somalia: Next Up in the War on Terrorism? Ken Menkhaus/ CSIS 2002

 Political Islam in Somalia - Ken Menkhaus / CSIS 2002

 Vicious Circles and the Security Development Nexus in Somalia - Ken Menkhaus/I.P.I 2004

 New Hope for Somalia? The Building Block Approach - Bryden, Matt/ROAPE 1999

 Negotiating a Blueprint for Peace in Somalia – ICG 2003

 External Actors in Stateless Somalia: A War Economy and its Promoters - Grosse-Kettler/ ICC 2004

 Matching Response to Context in Comlex Political Rmergencies: ‘Relief’, ‘Development’, ‘Peace-building’ or Something In-between? – P. White, L. Cliffe 2000

 The politics of Poetry - Samatar, Said S. / Africa Report 1993

 Somalia and Survival in the Shadow of the Global Economy – W. Reno/ Northwestern University 2003

 Somalia's Reconstruction: Beyond IGAD and the European Union's Peace Dividend – A. I. Samatar 2002

 Conflict Analysis in Bakool and Bay, South-Western Somalia – MPISA 2004

 Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Somalia – UN Security Council 2005

 Reflections on Somaliland & Africa’s Territorial Order – ROAPE 2003

 Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dynamics – WB 2005

 Conflict Analysis South-Central Somalia PHASE II – WB 2004


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