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 Somaliland: Democratization and Its Discontents - ICG 2003

 Reintegration in IDDR Programmes (Draft) – IWG-IDDR 2005

 Itinerary plan arrangement for Armoury consultant – 2005 

 Consolidation and Decentralization of Government Institutions (Draft) – A.P.D Somaliland 2002


 Somaliland: Surviving Without Recognition; Somalia: Recognized But Failing? - S. Kibble C.I.I London 2001


 Regularity in Chaos: The Politics of Difference in the Recent History of Somalia – Whalle, Saale /M.P.I.S.A. 2001


 Conclusions reached by Somali Security Sub-Committee on Security 2005


 "Protracted State Collapse in Somalia: A Rediagnosis" K. Menkhaus/ROAPE 2003


 Mission Diary Armoury Rehabilitation Mission Somaliland and Puntland 2-July – 2005


 Mission Report: DDR/Small Arms/SSR Mission to Garowe May to 6 June - 2005


 Mission Report on DDR/SSR/SALW: Somaliland and Puntland - April 2005 


 Report On Armoury Assessments Somaliland Army & Puntland Police


 Organizational Review of the NDC and SOOYAL – M. Halty, A. Duale - 2005


 Roles and Responsibilities of DDR National Commissions and DDR Program Management Units


 Meeting With Somaliland Army Commander Army Headquarters Hargeisa - 2005


 Legal Implications Resulting From State Failure In Light Of the Case of Somalia - R.Koskenmäki


 Pastoral Justice


 Commander’s Handbook for Peacekeeping Operations (A Logistics Perspective) – J. M. Wright /H.DoA


 Proposal to Support a TFG Sponsored-DDR Consultation with Target Groups


 Rapid Assistance Programme


 Rapid Assistance Programme (Rap) Matrix


 Working Paper Number 100 Somalia And Survival in the Shadow of the Global Economy – W. Reno/ QEHWPS100 2003


 Responding to Security and Development Needs In The Midst Of Africa’s Collapsed States - Ian S. Spears


 Revised Weapon Management and Armoury Control Procedures


 Somalia's Reconstruction: Beyond IGAD and the European Union's Peace Dividend - A. I. Samatar/ University of Minnesota


 Agreed Work Plan ON DDR: Final Report


 A Self-Portrait of Somaliland: Rebuilding From the Ruins – X. C. Bulhan/SCPD 1999


 Social Order without the State: The Case of SomaliaJ. P. Sorens & L. Wantchekon/Yale University


 Somalia: A Situation Analysis - WRITENET Paper No. 07/2000 – K. Menkhaus /UNHCR, UN, UNHABITAT 2000


 Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration Programme (DDRP) Mogadishu -UNDP – SAACID 2004


 Terms of Reference Technical Assistance; Somalia Demilitarization Planning Unit – Draft


 The Transitional Federal Government (TFG): Immediate Relocation Priorities – 2005


 TFG Relocation Plan: Fund Raising Appeal for the TFG immediate priorities 2004


 Somalia Strategic Demilitarization Planning Unit(SDPU) - Draft Terms of Reference (To retrieve this

document please contact the JNA Doc/Data focal point: )


 DDR Summary Mission Report (Puntland) for ROLS Programme Manager


 DDR and Small Arms - Progress Report


 Somalia: Path to Recovery, Building a Sustainable Peace – CRD 2004

 Rule of Law and Security Programme - Disarmament, Demobilization And Reintergration Project UNDP Somalia


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