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Welcome to the website of the Somali Reconstruction & Development Programme (RDP). The RDP is a national plan that lays out, in a prioritized, sequenced manner, Somalia's 5 year key national recovery, reconstruction and development priorities, priority actions, outcomes and their financial implications.The RDP is coordinated jointly by the UN&WB supported by donors and undertaken jointly with Somali Authorities.

The RDP was developed through a 'post-conflict' needs assessment process called the Somali Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) which was carried out in 2005-7 and involved a national assessment of rehabilitation and transitional recovery needs.

The RDP higlights three key national recovery priorities:

I.  Peace, Security and Good Governance

II. Basic Services and Social Protection

III. Private Sector led growth to expand employment and reduce poverty

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This site contains 400+ key reconstruction and development documents on Somalia and is primarily intended as a one stop resource cente for all practitioners working or interested in working in Somalia.

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